Billy Grist

5.0 out of 5 stars Penetrating, outrageous and hilarious! April 22, 2013
By David George Clarke
Wright Forbucks is a first class author, a skilled wordsmith and a master of the one-liner. His niche is dark satire, a perfect arena for his sharp sense of humour and penetrating insight into the modern world.
After reading and thoroughly enjoying The Walking Man, a highly original and very funny story of a quadriplegic, I wondered how Billy Grist would compare. Well, it compares brilliantly! Wright Forbucks is not afraid to take on the most difficult of subjects – religion – and put a highly original spin on God, the universe and everything, potentially offending everyone but thereby offending no one – well, maybe one or two people, but they deserve it!.
For the first couple of pages, I worried it was going to be an anti-religious rant, but in fact it is anything but. The Big Guy and the Great Numero Uno are gradually put into perspective, together with the Ultra Intelligent Universe Inspectors (UIUI) while we are introduced to fallible but endearing and larger-than-life humans, along with some fairly terrible ones. Billy himself is the ultimate altruist, who, by dint of being born to the right parents, is staggeringly rich and can therefore attempt to realise his dream of uniting the peoples of the world. My favourite character is Michael, but you will have to read Billy Grist to find out why – and I highly recommend you do.
There are shades of ‘Hitchhikers’ to the vast landscape of this novel, and more than a few reflections of characters from the real world. All in all, an excellent book and I look forward to reading the rest of Mr Forbucks titles; I am sure they won’t disappoint.

Even Steven

“This was an unusual yet enthralling novel. The characters were so very unique and the story bizarre yet interesting. The ending was not what I expected. It was not what I usually read but I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Four Stars.”

The Walking Man

“A story of inspiration, self-discovery, and remarkable achievement in the face of great odds, THE WALKING MAN had my attention from page one. In spite of the dark nature of this story, I found myself laughing out loud at the stark, no-holds-barred style of this novella’s narrator. The author states that the book is loosely based on a true story, and the characters are too bizarre to be anything but completely drawn from real life.

A fast, very enjoyable read that I highly recommend.”

5 Stars – Gae-Lynn Woods

“Largely based on factual experience, this story immediately captivated my interest, regardless of my reservation that the subject matter would have sufficient body. But it certainly does, and the blithe and darkly humorous narrative voice carries the story along amid lovable yet dysfunctional characters – of which there are a fully furnished complement. I never spoil plots, so you’ll have to take my word that this is a book you will surely finish, once hooked after a few chapters. Be prepared to laugh out loud…”

5 Stars – @writeintoprint

“I probably see 10-20 “read my book” messages a day from/by indie authors. I ignore them for the most part, because I have so little disposable time. I picked up this book on an impulse and read it. It cost me a day when I should have been writing, but it was worth it. The story is a sort of modern fable, a tale of persistence, self-discovery and redemption. It’s a novella (42,000 words) and I found it easy to read and quite enjoyable. I gave it 5 stars for the quality of the writing and the directness of the story. Part of the story reminded me of “Flowers for Algernon.”

5 Stars – JJ Toner

“As a paid beta-reader for this book I really couldn’t find anything that needed to be changed. If there was anything that needed to be changed I was simply too engaged by the story to find it. The story itself was engaging, fun, and really made me appreciate the simple ability to walk. I rarely give anything five out of five stars, but this one moved me to such an extent that it is worth re-reading. The most interesting aspect of this book was the way the author only states the lead character’s name twice; both times at the end of the book. It seemed to pull me in as though I was the lead character to a degree; a quality that is very rare for any book. Funny in many places, and sad in others, this is truly a fantastic and insightful look into the life of a quadriplegic. It moved me in ways that only a few of the world’s best-selling books ever have; therefore, I give it a five star review. Enough said, quit reading this review and read The Walking Man! It is well worth your time and can be finished in a day; it may even change the way you view the simplest ability we have: the ability to move.”

5 Stars – Taylor


  1. Katherine Darden
    August 26, 2013 @ 6:29 pm

    Laugh out loud entertaining! The Walking Man is on my Kindle and is a delightful novel…so much so that I wanted to get online and find out about the author…a first for me!


    • Wright Forbucks
      August 26, 2013 @ 7:26 pm

      Glad you like THE WALKING MAN. It was the first book I completed. I’m afraid to re-read. Thanks for checking in!


  2. Sandi
    January 17, 2014 @ 12:43 pm

    I have to admit I went for the free Even Steven because of the author’s name. Hilarious. The book lived up to your name. The style evoked Hitchhiker’s, only it was funnier and more clever. qPhones. Wow. Anyway, you have a new fan. I look forward to reading more snarky, black humor with a lot of intelligence behind it. The writing is so well crafted, I can’t help but suspect that you are a well-known writer having some fun.


    • Wright Forbucks
      January 17, 2014 @ 12:49 pm

      Nope. I’m an inventor. I just started writing 2 years ago. Having lots of fun. TY for the kind remarks.


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