The Bone Donor

TheBoneDonorCover300Poor Jason Mashburn was a carefree twenty something until the girl of his dreams turned his life into a nightmare. In fairness to Molly Wilson, the decline of her beau was not entirely her fault. She had a compelling reason for wanting a man with more than just dashing good looks — her ongoing existence.

Compelled by an inexplicable attraction, Jason ultimately decides to “do whatever needs to be done” to save his one and only, even if it means murder… Introducing Alan Lawson, a detective with Asperger’s Syndrome, THE BONE DONOR is a romance/mystery that features the dark humor of Wright Forbucks, the author of THE WALKING MAN and BILLY GRIST.
Fiction. Rated PG-13 42,000 words. Best read from a beach chair.

Billy Grist

Billy GristBILLY GRIST is comical parable about the nature of faith. It tells the story of Billy Grist, a man-child who seeks to unite humanity by building a “massive family” only to find his destiny is controlled by a higher power who has other plans for saving mankind…

Part satire, part 9-11 revenge fantasy, BILLY GRIST is narrated by The Great Numero Uno, the leader of the UIUI (Ultra-Intelligent Universe Inspectors) and an avowed misanthropist for having witnessed the evolution of mankind from plankton to our current “sorry” state. The fun begins when the Almighty One reveals His grand plan to The Great Numero Uno, forcing the microscopic egomaniac to relate the story of the world’s ultimate altruist, Billy Grist, to the very people he despises…

Billy is a mulatto born of a deaf father who is obsessed with creating the perfect fruit cocktail, and a gymnast mother who was once capable of “spiking a perfect landing” before growing a noteworthy set of breasts. Billy is also brother to a sister who emits a radiant smile that invokes Beatlemania. Unfortunately, it’s a gift soon quelled by the world’s most wicked disease, Comswalli Nervousa, which causes a wider tragedy that’s eventually capped by an email from the Great Beyond…

Abandoned by God, Billy Grist nonetheless decides to embrace life by using his incredible wealth to build a massive family that includes a broad mix of brothers and sisters. Billy plans to unite the human race, but his noble effort is soon thwarted by a brain-dead terrorist named Calvitor Septor, son of Animus Septor, the inventor of the Jewbie doll, a plush toy with detachable limbs that becomes the must have item within the Middle-Eastern nation of Aridia…

A must-read for Islamic extremists, recently compared to works of Christopher Moore, Vonnegut, and Douglas Adams, BILLY GRIST deploys humor to create a thought-provoking satire that turns sacred cows into hamburger. It’s a recommended read for those willing to embrace the ultimate truth that human beings don’t know jack s@$!! about how or why we were “created.”

Fiction. 58,000 words.

The Walking Man

W4$TheWalkingManCover400Now and then a story comes along that changes the way you look at life and love, such is the tale of “the walking man.” Loosely based on a true story, this novella presents a powerful and original narrative about the value of persistence. Set in a mythical hospital filled with comic characters THE WALKING MAN delivers intense moments laughter and heartbreak within an amazingly original plot. Written in a purposefully direct and easy-to-read style, THE WALKING MAN is a modern day fable with an inspirational message for one and all: never give up!

Fiction. 41,000 words.

Even Steven

W4$EVENSTEVENCover400A romantic comedy featuring particle physics, a boy that talks to trees, a hit-woman that looks like Yoda, and a man that wants to get even with God. Even Steven is a story about a widow and widower that meet in the tiny New England town of Apple after losing their true loves to murder and misfortune. The deaths appear to be random, but there is a lawyer named Bernard Goldinberry that seems to be everybody’s best friend, including an importer of Chinese novelty items, and a MIT professor who has invented a quantum communication device capable of contacting anyone in the universe. It is a technology to die for…

Fiction. 54,000 words.


  1. crystalwhimsey
    July 3, 2012 @ 3:44 pm

    They all sound good, I don’t know which one to get first!


  2. Wright Forbucks
    November 14, 2012 @ 10:21 pm

    Buy them both!


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