Of Russell Blake

Hey indies, given our challenge, when one of us succeeds it’s a cause for celebration. So, I’m pleased to report there is one among us who has deservedly become a renowned author. I’m proud of him. His name is Russell Blake. In case you haven’t heard of Russell, he  writes thrillers at a rate of one a month. I think he has written 24 books in less than 2.5 years and he recently blogged that he is now selling more than 500 books a day.

Being a nasty satirist, I don’t live to heap praise on fellow authors, especially a man who claims to be a nude ice dancing champion, a chimp activist, and clown boggarizer – whatever that means. But, Mr. Blake is truly exceptional. First off, the guy writes a book a month, and these are not short works, we’re talking well-written 70,000 word books. Plus, not a single Blake thriller has a bad rating. Personally, I’ve read several of Russell’s books and they were each great. If you have not read a Blake book grab a FREE copy of JET at Amazon.  You won’t regret it.

The fact the Mr. Blake is successful is dandy and worthy of note, but the primary reason I’m writing this blog is because of Russell Blake’s advice. Russell writes a blog that honestly presents everything you need to know about indie publishing. I’ve followed it since it began, watching Russell rise from from publishing puppy to indie superstar. The blog resides at http://www.russellblake.com. It lays out what it takes to succeed as an independent author. If you’re an indie, you have to check it out. Especially, Russell’s latest blog, Talent vs Tenacity.

Personally, I’ve asked Russell Blake for help on a few occasions and he has always responded quickly and thoroughly with dead-on advice. It was greatly appreciated and someday I hope it may help me sell a few books.  (FYI, BILLY GRIST is just $.99 at Amazon today :)) Recently, Russell has tweeted that he’s working on a movie script for JET. I’m sure it will be great, but I have a  better idea for a film, Russell Blake, the Author. Hmm, maybe it could star a computer-animated Orson Wells nude ice dancing with his favorite chimp…