A Wonderful Book – Dead on :)

Some readers hate BILLY GRIST (Just got my first hate mail, sort of…I’ve been told to repent…). And, some readers think it’s great. Check out the 5 star review below. I can’t imagine ever getting a better review…


This is a wonderful book. I’m not sure I’d go as far as the narrator, who says: `Having read every book in the Library of Congress multiple times I assure you, Billy Grist is the greatest book ever written.’

Epic in breadth, it tells the story of 3 generations of Billy Grist’s family. Epic in scope, it runs a hepatic eye over the religions of the world and proposes radical new solutions to the centuries old problems of human society. `Billy Grist once rhetorically asked, “Why would anyone worship a God that created baby-eating leopards, Joseph Stalin and genital herpes?”‘

Narrated from the unique perspective of the Great Numero Uno, leader of the UIUI, we are presented with a moralistic parable for the times we live in. The UIUI are immortal inter-dimensional creatures that gather statistics for The Big Guy, and amuse themselves by mining the probabilities looking for unlikely events that they can bet on.

How could you fail to love a writer who paints his characters with the economy of a starving artist who has run out of oils? One character had `the personality of a bowling ball,’ another was `a white-haired man who claimed to own the first Brooks Brothers’ suit.’

The writing is exquisite, the storyline so rich, so full of humor and humanist philosophy there is no risk that I will spoil it for anyone by including two of many short excerpts that caught my eye:

“Arghh!” Billy screamed out. “I’m going to die!”
“No, you’re not,” the ever-present General quickly countered. “…You’re perfectly healthy, Billy Grist. You’re going to be an old man someday.”
“Arghh!” Billy Grist screamed. “I’m going to be an old man someday.”

`[He] assisted numerous boys struggling with varying degrees of autism to improve their social skills by refurbishing, and subsequently testing, vintage Karaoke machines.’

That might work!

5 stars. Highly recommended.

JJ Toner, from The Kindle Book Review