Ebook Marketing Math…

Per my earlier blogs, in addition to being the “bon” in bon vivant, an Irish bullshitter, a comic fiction writer, and a father to lil’ ones, I also consider myself a bit of a numbers guy, a mathematician of sorts. Being so, like any good mathematician, I frequently use numbers to avoid reality. Take my current foray into numerology. Recent sales of my comic fiction epic, THE GENERAL STORE, suck. I sold two copies so far this month, and one was to me.

Not good.

A normal person, unskilled in the ways of mathematics, would simply conclude THE GENERAL STORE is pure garbage. But me, being a math dude…I think something else is going on here.

Here is my math.

1. There are 300 million people in the United States (roughly).

2. 50 million people know how to read.

3. 15 million people know how to read english.

4. 1.5 million of the 15 million readers own Kindles

5. 100,000 of 1.5 million people read ebooks written by Indie Authors

6. 95,000 of 100,000 remaining readers only read ebooks about teenage vampires falling  in, and out, of  love.

7. 50 readers (1% of the remain remaining 5,000 readers) will scroll through 300,000 books to find my masterpiece at Amazon.com

8. 5 readers (10% of the remaining 50 readers) will be open to reading a book that has the word “erection” in its first sentence.

In short, my math shows the total market for THE GENERAL STORE is five readers.

Hmm, God dammit. One out of five readers have bought THE GENERAL STORE. I have a best-seller on my hands!

It’s true! The numbers never lie.

🙂 W4$